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              Our company has strong independent research and development ability, with an experienced research and development team, and has been cooperating with large domestic research institutions for many years. With advanced analytical and testing instruments and multi-functional production workshops, the transformation from small trials to large-scale production can be achieved smoothly. In particular, the company is good at cyanidation, hydrogenation and chlorination, and can provide customers with services in the following fields:

              1. Cyanidation reaction -- based on the reaction of hydrocyanic acid (HCN), sodium cyanide (NaCN) and cyanide chloride (CNCl).

              2. Hydrogenation - High pressure hydrogenation reduction reaction based on hydrogen.

              3. Chlorination - Based on substitution and addition of chlorine gas.

              Technical force:

              The company has municipal engineering technology research center, enterprise technology center. The r&d team has more than 30 employees, which provides a solid guarantee for the r&d of new products of the enterprise. It is a team of professionals who are dedicated to their jobs, brave in dedication, and excellent in both scientific research and engineering technology.

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