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              Structural formula: 2-hydroxyvaleronitrile

              Alias: 1-cyanobutan-2-ol; 2-hydroxypentanenitrile

              English name: 2-Hydroxypentanenitrile;Butanal Cyanhydrin;

              Butyraldehyde Cyanohydrin

              CAS No.: 5699-72-9

              Molecular formula: C5H9NO

              Molecular weight: 99.13

              The physical and chemical properties: colorless oily liquid; density: 0.968g/cm3; boiling point: 207.3℃(at 760mmHg); flashing point: 79.2℃; refractive index: 1.433

              Technical indicators:

              (1)appearance: colorless oily liquid

              (2)content: ≥98.0%

              Packing specification: 200kg/drum

              Storage: store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Keep away from heat source and fire source, avoid direct sunlight.

              To use: Important intermediates for medicine, pesticide and dye auxiliaries. It can also be used as a moisturizer for cosmetics.

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